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For New & Returning Players

Well agents, my website is back up. I have decided to cancel the Daily Farming Guide videos as it takes up too much time so I apologize for that.

I hope my website can help agents still playing Tom Clancy's The Division 2™ and I will continue to update the website and will be returning to making more content on YouTube soon.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience.

Love you all,
~ Shadow Gaming | Austin Spraggins

Hey Agents and welcome to my official website. I am currently writing code in React to make this website better for my audience that has been so loyal, amazing and crucial to my life.

I want to make this a one-stop_shop for Division Agents to have a Daily Farming Guide video, targeted loot maps every day on rotation, and same with the videos, newer build and guide videos, Weekly Vendor Reset Items, Gear/Weapon Spreadsheets, Division Timers, Guides and Articles and Much More.

And eventually, a Build Builder to theory craft builds or store your own, an Interactive Map, and much more. If anyone would like to help, please visit the contact page.

Thank you, Agents.

To-Do List For This Website

  1. Finish All Pages

  2. Clean Up/Maintain Code and Improve Overall

  3. Add Weekly Vendor Reset Tables For Each Week

  4. Write Guides And Articles On The Game

  5. Possibly Open a Forum

  6. Add An Interactive Map

  7. Division Timers

  8. Stylize The Site Better

  9. Make This A 1-Stop For All Division 2 Guides & Content For Agents

I hope this website is helpful to all agents out there.

If this website helps, consider subscribing to my channel or donating/joining my channel.

You can do that by heading over to the Contact Me page here.

I will continue to improve this website to include many more useful things for all agents out there.

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