Dark Zone Exclusives Guide

Dark Winter Named DZ Exclusive SMG

How To Get Dark Zone Named Item Exclusives

There are many Dark Zone exclusive Named Weapons & Gear in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

This is a list of all of the ways you can get them, and a list of all the Dark Zone Exclusives will be listed below this section.

1. Farm Dark Zone Targeted Loot for what you are looking for (Example - Harmony, Rifle Targeted Loot)

2. Farm Dark Zone Caches - Extract 10/10 items and you receive a DZ Cache, which depending on RNG, can contain any random DZ Named Item, and I believe the Targeted Loot has no effect on this.

3. Buy as many Named Item caches as you can afford during the Global Events at the Global Event Vendor

4. Do the weekly projects, they reward you with a random Named Item and can be DZ Exclusive as well.

5. Manhunt Targets can drop DZ Exclusives, they always drop a named item, RNG will decide if it's a Devil's Due or Harmony or Dark Winter or a Night Watcher mask, but the targeted loot of the area where the manhunt target does factor in what the manhunt target drops.

These are the only ways to get DZ Exclusive Named Items.

Dark Zone Exclusive Named Gear

  1. Liquid Engineer - Perfect Bloodsucker

  2. Devil's Due - Perfect Clutch

  3. The Gift - Perfect Vigilance

  4. Matador - Perfect Adrenaline Rush

  5. Ferocious Calm - Perfect Overwatch

  6. Door Kicker's Knock - Perfect Spark

  7. Death Grips - 10% Armor On Kill

  8. Claws Out - 500% Melee Damage & 10% Pistol Damage

  9. Emperor's Guard - 1% Armor Regen

  10. Hollow Man Mask - 8% Damage To Health

Dark Zone Exclusive Named Weapons

  1. Maniac - Perfect Overflowing

  2. The Railsplitter - Perfect Accurate

  3. Black Friday - Perfectly Unhinged

  4. Good Times - Perfect Fast Hands

  5. Pinprick - Perfect First Blood

  6. Orbit - Perfect Finisher

  7. TDI "KARD" Custom Pistol - +1 Skill Tier

  8. The Virginian - Perfect Boomerang

  9. Harmony - Perfect In Sync

  10. Everlasting Gaze - Perfect Perpetuation

  11. Rock "N" Roll - Perfectly Extra

  12. The Apartment - Perfectly Measured

  13. Dark Winter - Perfect Killer