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Nemesis Exotic MMR

Step By Step Guide

  1. Get Black Tusk Keycard In Tidan Basin Stronghold, located upstairs after Manny tells you to patch into the laptop where the bunk beds are above.

  2. Get to the Hovercraft Cargo Bay and use the Black Tusk Keycard to open to door by the Keypad and open the weapon crate which will give you the "Adrestia SR-1" Named MMR. Deconstruct it. This will give you the first exotic component - Marksman Rifle: Scope - The Tally

  3. Do Capitol Building Stronghold when Invaded and defeat Prime, a boss that drops - Marksman Rifle: Barrel

  4. Do Roosevelt Island Invaded and Defeat Shorty, a boss that drops - Marksman Rifle: Bolt

  5. Do District Union Area Invaded and Defeat Klutz, a boss that drops - Marksman Rifle: Stock - The Bridle

  6. Finally, with all exotic components in your inventory, go to District Union Area Invaded again, and defeat Puck, a named Boss that will drop - Puck's Blueprint.

  7. Go to the White House and Craft your Nemesis. It will then become part of the MMR General Targeted Loot Pool.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG

This Video Will Show You Very Quickly How To Get It.