Weekly Vendor Highlights

The Weekly Vendor Reset Page Above is Created By Ruben Alamina

Below Is The Main Highlights From The Vendor Resets:

Vendor Reset Named Items

March 9th - March 16th, 2021

1. Clan: Force Multiplier

2. Cassie: Cold Relations & Punch Drunk

3. White House: Pyromaniac

4. Theater: Contractor's Gloves

5. Campus: Forge

6. DZ West: The Virginian - Perfect Boomerang

7. DZ South: The Railsplitter

8. DZ East: Nightwatcher

DZ South Vendor

The Grudge

Perfect Vindictive

DZ West Vendor

The Virginian - 1886

Perfect Boomerang

DZ East Vendor

Hollow Man Mask

8% Damage To Health


Contractor's Gloves

8% Damage To Armor


Designated Hitter

Perfect Reformation


10% Skill Haste Mod

Utility Mod


Invisible Hands

Perfect Allegro

White House

Swap Chain - MP7

Perfect Unwavering